Free Field Trips

Providing totally free field trips to our downtown Sarasota exhibit is a lynchpin of our education program.  Field trips are offered between April 4 and May 31, 2018. 

Free Field Trip

With one click and a few short questions, you and your students will be on your way to a free field trip focusing on art appreciation, character building and diversity education. For additional information, please refer to our guidelines.

Here is what participating teachers have to say: 

"This is definitely one of the very best things about this field trip experience!”

“I gave the info to our secretary, checked back a short time later and she said, ‘You're ready to go.'”

"It was a lot easier than doing it through the transportation department.”

You do not need permission to cancel your trip or change the date of your visit; however, you must email us at [email protected] with your: (1) new date; (2) time of arrival at the exhibit; and (3) Authorization Code. Your Authorization Code will not change. While you do not need our permission to increase the number of students, we do ask that you email us with any significant changes. Should you cancel your trip, please email us at [email protected].

As a condition to receiving a free field trip, participating teachers must complete a short online survey.  CLICK HERE for the survey.  Field trip invoices will not be paid until such time as the survey is completed.  Thank you for your support in helping us evaluate the effectiveness of our programs.


Make-A-Day Of It!

Embracing Our Differences is proud to collaborate with local education organizations through its MAKE-A-DAY OF IT! Program. Intended to maximize our community assets, teachers and their students who attend the exhibit are afforded the opportunity, using the same buses provided by Embracing Our Differences, to visit any one of our partner organizations. This asset-sharing program is unique in Southwest Florida with 12,703 students benefiting in 2017.

Classes visiting the downtown Sarasota Island Park exhibit may also visit:

Teachers must register their free field trip with Embracing Our Differences and receive an Authorization Code in order to participate in the MAKE-A-DAY OF IT! program.  Teachers must also confirm their arrangements directly with each education partner prior to scheduling their free field trips with Embracing Our Differences.  Teachers must visit the Island Park exhibit in order to take advantage of the MAKE-A-DAY OF IT! program.  If your trip to the exhibit is canceled for any reason, you must also cancel your Make-A-Day of It! plans.

Here’s what participating teachers have to say about the MAKE-A-DAY OF IT! program:

“Our students' families would not have been able to afford the Mote Marine field trip if they also had to pay for the bus. You allowed us to give those children exposure to two important learning experiences.”

“Our students went to Florida Studio Theatre. The performance was wonderful and the children enjoyed it very much. They were totally in the moment and no one wanted to leave."

“We visited the Sarasota Film Festival. The shows were perfect and appropriately matched to a day filled with kindness.”

Take advantage of our FREE FIELD TRIPS.

DIRECTIONS to the Exhibit.

For more information about our Free Field Trip Program, please contact:

Joni S. Steinberg, Ph.D.
Free Field Trip Program Coordinator