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2005 Gallery


by: Emily B., Jade D., Vitaliy L., Maria M., Monica M., Melissa S., Alice S., Alfredo T., Heron Creek Middle School -Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Jayanti Seiler

Public schools are citadels of learning and doorways to the future for every child, regardless of his or her religions belief, skin color, country of origin, or intellectual capacity. Our schools must embrace them all in a nurturing educational environment that recognizes, values, and celebrates their differences. We must help students tear down walls of fear and hate so that the aisles that separate them disappear. We must also instill within them the belief that although people are different, no on e is better. These messages become more inherent in all we teach so that as the students grow, the next generation knows only acceptance.

quote by: Dr. Gary W. Norris, Superintendent of Schools, Sarasota County