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2006 Gallery

Deity Bouquet

by: Stephanie Gassman,

By accepting differences - and valuing them, defensiveness would be obsolete. Imagine a society where religions could learn from each other; where races could share their traditions with joy; where politicians could work together; where fractured families could build productive supports. That's a society of true power.

quote by: Suzette Jones, Mother, Business Leader, Humanist

Artist Statement

My inspiration... stems from my own 'religiously blended' marriage... You see strands of religious beliefs surrounding the world. They come together, and are tied with a bow created by the atmosphere, like a bouquet of flowers. In the center of each flower are symbols of different religious faiths. All religions, like flowers, are unique, mysterious, and wonderful in their own way - and have more in common, than differences. All religions speak of love, peace, and kindness, as well as respect for nature and mankind. What a great gift/bouquet for a supreme being, who ever He or She may be.