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2006 Gallery

Fitting Together Like Pieces of a Puzzle

by: Gabriela D., 6th Grade, Booker Middle School - Sarasota, Florida

Often when you think of growing up in a small town you think most of its residents have similar backgrounds. Sarasota is different. I have a friend named Stephanie who is Jewish. Emma's whole family moved here from Sweden. Going to my school gives me the chance to make friends with people who are different from me.

quote by: Charlette W., 6th Grade, Pine View School - Osprey, Florida

Artist Statement

Variety and differences make things more interesting. People should come together and embrace each other, fitting together like the pieces of my tessellating puzzle. If you take even one piece away it isn't complete or as interesting as it could be. It takes all the pieces of this puzzle to make this picture complete, just like it takes all kinds of people to make society complete.