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2006 Gallery

Hip Hop Generation

by: Don Guy, photographer

Instruments blend together to perform a symphony, each one trying not to rise above the other, but following the music that has been written for its path. Let us treat others different from ourselves as if they were voices, instruments, or music in our lives. Our souls would then be sanctuaries of song. We would then embrace the musician no matter what her chant may be.

quote by: Jan Atchley Bevan, Author

Artist Statement

These kids are all local Break Dancers who went through the VPA Dance program at Booker High School." ­ Don Guy, photographer

"Sarasota needs a place for us to dance. It's what we do. Dance is our form of self expression, our passion. We just want to be able to show people that it's not all they see on television, all the bling, bling, gold teeth and booty. It's a lifestyle. It comes from the heart. It can spark a flame in a kid, or open an eye to change and possibility." ­ Gabrielle Garrabrant, dancer (pictured on left)