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2006 Gallery

¡Llora Por Tus Hijas Guatemala! (Cry For Your Daughters, Guatemala)

by: Michelle Christides,

North, South, East, West a baby's cry is but the same. The pang of hunger and indifference changes not with skin color. In the ears of every mother and father, every sister and brother the cries of oppression should ring loud; a call to action, a call to save our human family. Our differences are but brush strokes on this canvas, each unique in shape and color [but] when viewed together [they] form the masterpiece of mankind.

quote by: Karen Lewis,

Artist Statement

Inspiration: Amnesty International Magazine, Fall 2005, cover story (A Maya woman in Guatemala, where an epidemic of violence against women has claimed the lives of some 1,600 women since 2001, cover photo by Jeremy Horner/Panos Pictures and p. 19 credit AFP/Getty Images), caption: 'Yuri Moreia cries at the feet of his dead daughter, found strangled on the outskirts of Guatemala City.' Both photos are combined in this painting and a different background representing the arid mountains has been painted.