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2006 Gallery

One Diverse Human Race

by: Tiffany Jennings & her North Port High School Photography Class, North Port High School - North Port, Florida

I live in Sarasota, a city predicted last year to be in the direct path of Hurricane Charley. We were spared, but the visions of Katrina made me realize how fragile we all are as a people. Geography and culture alone can make the difference between life and death, comfort and despair. The color of our skin might be different; however, their suffering is our suffering.

quote by: Martin A. Arch, Founding Partner, Arch Family Holocaust Education Center

Artist Statement

Our photography class students brainstormed about different compositions that could be created with photography. The entire class set up many different compositions in which their teacher, Mrs. Jennings, pushed the shutter release. Different students 'directed' the entire group for each photograph. In a way, the students embraced each other's views and ideas while putting together each photo