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2006 Gallery

Young Diversity

by: Daniel Perales,

Teach the children to see beyond skin, and know the one who dwells within.

quote by: Tami Foley Conetta, Mother, Attorney, Community Volunteer

Artist Statement

I took this image at one of the first Chinese New Year celebrations in Madrid. The subjects are the spectators of this event hosted by first-generation Chinese as they bring their traditions to Spain. The neighborhood was filled with immigrants mostly from Morocco, China, Senegal and India. The image portrays what it looks like for several cultures to live together and how, through their differences, they find common threads that bind them to one another. A closed country for centuries ­ as mostly people migrated out of it ­ Spain is now witnessing an influx of emigration. Currently, seven out of ten school children in Madrid are from other parts of the world. The image represents the face of Spain today, which is itself the face of globalization. Globalization is omnipresent and no country embraces that more openly than the United States.