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2007 Gallery


by: Ballard Elementary Students Kaila B., Elliot W., Shanice N., Tyler C., Aslene L., Earis E., Uriel P., Alex T., Martin C., Neftaly M. Adrianna Y. & Douglas N., Ballard Elementary - Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Valeri Rose Borstelmann

Leave the JUDGING to the jury.

quote by: Nicole G., 8th Grade, Center for Education Montessori School - Bradenton, Florida

Artist Statement

We are students at Ballard Elementary Global Studies Magnet School and we are citizens of the world who embody diversity. We should not just tolerate each other; we should love and respect each other. Our differences make us special. By combining self-portraits of 12 second, third and fifth graders, we created a unified picture of diversity. Although each part of the face was created by a different student, the parts are combined into three complete faces. The finished product, just as in real life, is more interesting when people are different.


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