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2008 Gallery

A Man's A Man For A' That

by: David Ewles, Dunfermline, Scotland (Sarasota Sister City)

If everything were purple... We'd miss the yellow sunflowers that brighten summer days. We'd miss the deep, cool blue, of oceans' mighty waves. We'd miss the brilliant green of grass that tickles our bare feet. We'd miss the bright red apples that fill our mouths with sweet. If everything were purple, I'd weep and mourn and wail for all the colors lost in our monochromatic jail.

quote by: Margaret Planta, Roseville, California

Artist Statement

Taken from a poem by Robert Burns, my work is about seeing people as individuals with their own way of coping with life. The Burns poem speaks of man’s desire for equality, mutual respect and understanding, regardless of perceived wealth or status. The image on the left is a Muslim Imam whom I photographed in Jakarta. The image on the right is a rodeo cowboy I photographed in Florida. Both faces seem to reveal to the camera the wisdom of the ages behind their eyes. Two ordinary people on different sides of a great geographic, social, religious and economic divide. If they could get to know each other as individuals, is it possible that their similarities could outweigh their differences? They share the common bond of humanity – “A man’s a man for a’ that”!


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