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2008 Gallery

Joyfully Celebrate Life

by: Kāla, Yonkers, New York

An invitation to the world: you are cordially invited to the social event of the ages. No dress code, free admission, bring your own uniqueness, laughter, hugs and terms of endearments. Be prepared to celebrate diversity and dance all night to the rhythms of our collective heartbeats. Regrets only!

quote by: L'Tanya Evans, Educator & Activist - Bradenton, Florida

Artist Statement

Five children dance in the warp of a magic carpet. Each child is a beautiful color, separate from the rest. The weft that unites them is the thread that runs through all cultures, making us one while preciously unique at the same time. To embrace our differences is to enter into endless enchantment and unimagined experiences.


Bea Friedman
Irving & Marilyn Naiditch Family Foundation