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2008 Gallery

Reserved For The Perfect

by: Deborah Landry, Porter, Indiana

Open your mind and see the diversity in our world, open the heart and love the difference you see.

quote by: Rachel B., 12th Grade, Booker High School - Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

I embrace the idea that art can cross all boundaries, languages and cultures to communicate without words. This painting was inspired by the segregation of the South and its signs telling people what public utilities they could use. I’ve taken out the context of race and replaced it with segregation of character and quality. The idea of a space reserved for the perfect is ludicrous. You find the perfect only when you’re willing to see the imperfections as beautiful. All of the flowers, like people, are flawed and not allowed in. I hope that with humor people can see that segregation and judgment are harmful to the harmony of the entire human race.


Ed Kalin / Kane's Furniture of Sarasota