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2009 Gallery

A Better Place For Everyone

by: Anna Vershinina, Chernigiv, Ukraine

Different tools BUILD cities. Different people build worlds.

quote by: Landon M., 9th Grade, Out-of-Door Academy - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Noel Dougherty

Artist Statement

My artwork is inspired by ancient Ukrainian carpets. In the center is the tree of life, and beneath it are people of different nationalities. We are all different – with different views, different beliefs, different professions – but each of us wants to be understood. We all need to feel our importance in this world.


Sarasota Bay Club : Steve Roskamp, Greg Patterson, Karen Berman, Lynn Byers, Charlotte W. Conable, Delores Godwin, Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Howell, Howard & Betty Isermann - Isermann Family Foundation, Judith & Donald Markstein, Edward Page, Bob & Skippy Schlanger, Faye Schonbrunn