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2009 Gallery

Compassion... Pass It On

by: Judy Brown, Littleton, Colorado

I'm new at my school. Everybody glares at me, I'm nervous. A girl steps from the crowd, she smiles. I smile back. She's new, too. We walk SIDE BY SIDE to our classroom - new friends.

quote by: Gracie H., 4th Grade, Englewood Elementary School - Englewood, Florida
teacher: Lois Collins

Artist Statement

I did not begin to pursue art until I was in my fifties. Pen & ink is the medium that intrigues me the most. I am constantly amazed at the way a few simplistic lines can make such a powerful statement. Here, each drawing shows a woman embracing a child, all in the same very intense way. With just a few strokes of the pen, the women are from different cultures.


Michael & Katie Moulton