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2009 Gallery

Diversity Enhances The Fabric of Our Lives

by: Mrs. Collins' 4th Grade Class, Englewood Elementary School - Englewood, Florida
teacher: Lois Collins

Red, black, yellow, white - CHARACTER unfolds in random pieces. Calico to satin, cotton to silk - prints and plaids but templates for each other. Equality, the strength within the stitching; Diversity, the beauty in the quilt.

quote by: James O. Kelly, Englewood, Florida

Artist Statement

Our artwork reflects our appreciation and enjoyment of the fabric art created by everyday people in many different cultures. While reading a book of Seminole Indian folktales, we admired the strong, bright colors and intricate patchwork patterns that illustrated the stories. We then read about the animal Molas created by the Indians on the San Blas islands in Panama, as well as Kente cloth created by weavers in Kenya. Next we explored the origin, history and development of patchwork quilting in America through books and examples brought into class. All of these examples incorporate the colors of nature and express the individuality and joy of those who created them. To construct our patchwork of diversity, we used construction paper rather than fabric, and glue instead of stitches. Like the folk artists who inspired us, we also loved the journey.


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