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2009 Gallery

In One Boat Together

by: Bernadette McCormack, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

LIFE is too short to waste it hating.

quote by: Barbara J. Lorry, Ph.D., Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

Leaving yoga class one day, I remembered what my instructor said during a relaxation exercise: “Remember, we are all in the same boat!” I was struck by the image of every living thing I know, all floating peacefully in a boat together. I see our world as one living body and wanted to depict this notion by including everything in the world. The earth, sun, moon and stars are included in the boat, along with mammals, bugs, birds and fish – all coexisting with human kind. It is important to remember that no one entity takes precedence over the other. Together we float, in one boat together, with every entity playing its role in perfect harmony.


Rich & Rebecca Bergman