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2009 Gallery

On The Outside

by: Marthann Masterson, Houston, Texas

As I make my way to school each day To see the girls who break my soul I wish I could tell the bullies in my school Can you be kind and not so cruel? And it starts and lasts all day I cannot stand it, go away Let the darkness fill the room I can't get out of it, I can't resume I feel so alone like a single red rose, So alone like a story that's never been told I feel so alone like a sparrow in the sky Like a bird who cannot FLY.

quote by: Ava S., 5th Grade, The Out-of-Door Academy - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Martha Gulacsy

Artist Statement

I find myself instinctively drawn to chairs, fascinated by the variety of styles. Be it upright, winged, or soft and cushy, in many ways chairs reflect us.


Jerry Lavin & Bonnie Ross