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2009 Gallery

To Understand The World

by: Issa Nyaphaga, Photo: Ange´e E. Etoundi, Graphic Design: Patricia Slee - Mount Rainier, Maryland

YOU can't shake hands with a clenched fist.

quote by: Indira Gandhi, (November 19, 1917 - October 31, 1984) Prime Minister of India

Artist Statement

I was born and grew up in a small village in Cameroon, which lies in the very heart of the equatorial forest. It is home to the Tikar tribe, called Nditam. The Tikar are primarily farmers. Like all Tikar children, I was initiated in my early childhood into traditional painting. Each year the women and children paint the walls of their houses with hands and fingers, by using colors made from different colors of the earth. I was taught by my tribe that if you want to understand the “World” you have to look at the five fingers of your hand: each one is different in size, name, and function, but each one is an important member of the hand. You can not make the world without the Differences.


Bill & Christine Isaac / The Imagine Foundation