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2009 Gallery


by: Deborah Ross, New York, New York

You don't have to be a big person to make a big difference. One child can do a world of good just by lending a HELPING HAND.

quote by: Sydney K., 5th Grade, Goldie Feldman Academy - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Joannie Bloch

Artist Statement

I took this photograph of my husband and his nephew, Kalou (an albino child), taken in his native village in Guinea. Sidiki Conde is a paraplegic who, despite this obstacle, became a revered artist and teacher throughout Guinea and in America. With his life he truly embraces differences by transforming them into art. “People see a ‘handicap’ when you lose your eyesight or legs. But true handicaps come only from the mind and the limits we place on ourselves. We can do anything, and our community is everywhere.”


Sally Ruth Lucke-Elkes & Dr. Joel Elkes Charitable Fund
Goldijean & Alan Turow, Donor Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Inc.