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2009 Gallery

We Pray for Peace

by: Loretta Angelica, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Diversity colors a COMMUNITY

quote by: Anne-Marie T., 9th Grade, Academy of the Holy Names - Tampa, Florida
Teacher: Elizabeth Sawyer

Artist Statement

I used a mandala rosette because it starts with a seed that is then reflected and multiplied to become whole. By softly focusing on the center, our field of vision expands to include the complete image – a paradoxical feeling of moving inward and outward simultaneously. And so it is with us. We become whatever thoughts (seeds) we decide to reflect and multiply. Only when we are still and present in the moment can we express our highest truth. My piece represents a living jewel, our Mother Earth, floating in our Father Sky’s embrace. This is our home.


Norbert Donnelley / TERVIS