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2010 Gallery

Beneath the Layers

by: Mrs. Gardner's Class: Jasiah B., Alex C., Jesse E., Geno G., Rebecca G., Nathan H., Matthew G., Derric G., Jr., Karrington J., Connor J., Tyler M., Xander M., Sierra M., Ruben N., Sabrina O., Leonardo R., Sead S., Hanna W., 5th Grade, Gocio Elementary School - Sarasota, Florida

Bullying, bullying, what can I do? Come over here, listen, does it happen to you? When I see it happening it makes me sick. Should you do something back, punch or kick? No, I guess not that won't be nice. Because then you'll just need more ice. Kids all around the world get hurt every day. All they want to do is be outside and PLAY. Black or white, purple or green, I think everyone just needs to be seen. Don't sit down like you just don't care Why do you let them be so unfair?

quote by: Ava S., 7th Grade - Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

Our school prides itself on integrating the arts across all content areas. My class wanted to create a work that combined their love of the arts with their love of technology. Being a diverse school, they used unique self-portraits to express their messages. Combining photographs, computer imaging, paint and paper, they created a collage that included meaningful quotations. Throughout the project, which was aided by a student from Ringling College of Art and Design, it became clear to the students that each individual is unique. Yet, once they stripped away the "layers" of a person, they discovered the commonality of people, which allowed them to see others for who they are on the inside, not the outside. I believe this lesson will stay with them long past this project and hopefully be carried with them into their futures.


Larry & Laura Herrig Eldon & Marge Herrig Family Foundation of The Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Inc.