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2010 Gallery

Peaceable Kingdom of the North

by: Warren Godfrey, Nutley, New Jersey

The love of one's country is a NATURAL thing. But why should love stop at the border?

quote by: Pablo Casals, (Dec. 29, 1876 - Oct. 22, 1973) Spanish Cellist & Conductor

Artist Statement

I have always been impressed by the message of Edward Hicks in his "Peaceable Kingdom" paintings. The beauty of the animals and his message of inclusion of all in the early days of our country influenced me to crate a different "Peaceable Kingdom" - one far to the North where the world is cold and snowy, yet it embraces the harmony of living together. Wherever man, nature and beast co-exist in this world, our goal should be the same - to live in a "Peaceable Kingdom". 


Rich & Rebecca Bergman