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2010 Gallery

Two Different Dogs Eating a Bone

by: Betty Young, MacDonald Training Center - Tampa, Florida
Teacher: Jan Radovan

DIVERSITY: The art of thinking independently together.

quote by: Malcolm S. Forbes, (Aug. 19, 1919 - Feb. 24, 1990) Publisher

Artist Statement

MacDonald Training Center, an organization that envisions "people with disabilities leading the lives they choose," was founded in 1955 by J. Clifford MacDonald and a group of visionary parents of individuals with developmental disabilities. At a time when the only alternative to being sent to a state institution was to sit at home and do nothing, these individuals rejected both options and proceeded to create innovative educational, vocational and residential alternatives.

Over the last 50 years, MacDonald Training Center has continued to be a leader and innovator in service to people with developmental disabilities. They were one of the first organizations to develop supported employment and supported living services as alternatives to sheltered workshops and traditional group homes. In 2002 they were Florida's first organization to close all its group homes. All individuals to whom they currently provide residential services live in their own homes, regardless of their service needs.


Jerry Lavin & Bonnie Ross