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2011 Gallery

Ability Shadow

by: Jon Berge & Susan Shaw, Columbus, Ohio

We should stop thinking about differences and start MAKING differences.

quote by: Nicole Schmidt , Bradenton, Florida

Artist Statement

John Berge: My life in a wheelchair has allowed me a unique and humbling perspective that has manifested itself through my art. I attempt to create art with and for people with various types of physical or mental limitations. Because my work deals with accessibility, it is essential for me to make my work accessible.

Susan Shaw: I am the mother of an autistic child. This fact of my life has led to contact with many others who are viewed as “different.” I feel that since the job of an artist is to see and think differently, this perspective is an eye opening opportunity to be involved and involve others in the process of art.


Co-Existence Club at Riverview High School, Dena Sturm, Faculty Advisor