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2011 Gallery

B&W Ballerinas

by: Debbie Lerman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

If you look at somebody's FOOTPRINTS, can you tell the color of her shoes?

quote by: Matt S., 8th Grade, Sarasota Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Daphne Bazenas

Artist Statement

My submission is part of a black and white photo project I have been working on for over three years. The inspiration was my realization they my children had no words for, and no emotional baggage around, racial differences. They do not call people “black” or “white” because we don’t use those words at home. They just describe what people looked like, using “brown-skinned” or “light-skinned” when they want to make that distinction. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could look at each other with that kind of innocence? What if we saw black and white as perfect complements and reflections of one another, instead of thinking of them as conflicted opposites? Hopefully my work will facilitate a shift in perception with an enhanced ability to see ourselves in each other and the “other” in ourselves.


Ann & Norbert Donelly / TERVIS