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2011 Gallery

Cyber Hero

Best in Show Quotation

by: Phoenix Academy and Ringling College of Art + Design student, Michele Smith, 8th-10th Graders with Ringling College of Art + Design - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Lori Burton

I never knew how much WORDS hurt until they were aimed at me.

quote by: Kathleen H., 7th Grade, Booker Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Joanna Fox & Lauren Johnson

Artist Statement

Students: Clark Andrews, Nadia Barahona, Tyler Cain, Ali Diaz, Ashley Edwards, Emily Esclangon, Will Griffin, Yahara Guerrero, Gariel Hook, Ajia Lee, Hydea Manning, Lorena Marketos, Nick Munos, Ashia Odem, Angie Orama, George Swain, Travaras Smith, Jerry Zamoreno

For this project Phoenix Academy students collaborated with a student from Ringling College of Art and Design. We focused on the major problem of cyber bullying and our solution: embracing our differences. Collectively, Phoenix’s students wanted to stress the importance of cyber bullying and its impact on so many teenagers in our digital age. Technology’s new form of harassment can affect people without their even knowing it. It’s a scary problem that must be addressed. Through this piece, we hope to spread awareness to today’s youth and parents about this new issue. Throughout the process of creating this piece, the students discussed cyber bullying, its impact on themselves and possible solutions, which were written within the piece. They concluded that everyone should become a cyber hero to help solve cyber bullying by embracing our differences.


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