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2011 Gallery

Embrace Them

by: Michele Renee Ledoux, Evergreen, Colorado

The COURAGE to change does not always have to be a grandiose gesture. It can be something as simple as following the moral compass of your heart.

quote by: Elizabeth C. Bertelsen , Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

Having traveled around the world by age 22, I developed a deep appreciation of diversity at a young age. After graduating from college, I had an experience that I’ve never forgotten. A friend and I decided to volunteer at a local homeless shelter for Thanksgiving. When I showed up (in my holey jeans, no less) I approached an employee to ask where I should go. To my surprise, the man kindly pointed us to the end of the line!

This experience drove home the fact that we are all so very close to being “one of them.” A single life experience can change our lives forever. We are all, truly, the same.


Sally Yanowitz