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2011 Gallery

How Do You See the World?

by: Jessica Davis, Bowling Green, Ohio

I cannot hear, but I listen to problems. I cannot speak, yet my voice can be heard. I cannot see, but I have a VISION for our world.

quote by: Emily M., 6th Grade, McIntosh Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Jill Rothenburg

Artist Statement

Photographing people who are blind has offered me an opportunity to seek a surreal experience through the camera lens. Subjects who are, for the most part, unable to establish the exact location of the camera have a very specialized relationship with the camera lens. The kinesthetic experience of the camera becomes more important. I am learning to appreciate the sound of my camera because, to students who are blind, the sound of making pictures is a large part of their experience with me. Students will hear the click of the camera and try to manipulate their gaze or smile to the approximate vicinity of where they heard the click. This primitive desire to be seen explains in a very powerful way how the camera lens can make someone feel instantly important.

I validate being an artist by fulfilling a responsibility to the world to be a prevalent activist. Being an activist makes the act of making art unselfish.

My hope is that my pictures give people the opportunity to embrace differences.


Vern & Sandy Buchanan / Sarasota Ford