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2011 Gallery

It Doesn't Matter

by: Jacqueline W., 4th Grade, Taylor Ranch Elementary School - Venice, Florida
teacher: Sue Griffith

Acceptance is the ANTIDOTE to hatred.

quote by: Connor H., 8th Grade, Sarasota Middle School - Sarasota, FL
teacher: Moya Hanaway & Doug Abel

Artist Statement

The milk cartons resemble two people with different colored skin bonding together. I looked at the images from the 2009 Embracing Our Differences exhibit, visited the 2010 exhibit, then came back to school and was given the assignment to create my own drawing. The theme of my art work is it doesn’t matter what color we are, we can still be friends. The project changed the way I looked at people when I saw them. Just because they are different, you can still treat them the same.


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