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2011 Gallery

Words Hurt Forever

by: Jasmine U., 9th Grade, Amarillo High School - Amarillo, Texas

Why do I cry silent tears? Why do I feel like I don't ever fit in? Just because I am a little bigger than some other people, does not mean that I don't have FEELINGS.

quote by: Samuel W., 5th Grade, Suncoast Academy - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Julie Murray

Artist Statement

Everyone should be treated equally. No one should be treated with disrespect due to their appearance, because of who they love, or their beliefs. As a ninth grader, I usually hear the words “gay” or “retarded” used in some students’ speech every day. I see, firsthand, how far some of my peers will go in order to achieve a “perfect” physical appearance. Just because some people are different from the norm, it doesn’t mean anyone has the right to use slanderous or offensive terms to hurt them.


Ed Kalin & Leslie Malkin