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2012 Gallery

A Shirt of a Different Color

Honorable Mention

by: Kaitlyn Priestley, Ringling College of Art + Design - Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

This piece was inspired by the limitations and struggles that we put ourselves through. We mold our lives with choices, some good and some bad, and those choices make us who we are. As many do, I hold myself to a strict structure. My schedule is packed and I do not take as much time as I should to try something different or to meet someone new. There is so much to learn from the world around us if only we would take the time. We would see the beauty that we take for granted. Instead of thinking about where we’re going next, what assignments we have, what to make for dinner and such, we should take the time to experience something new and try on a different shirt! My art illustrates the segregation one creates in life through routines, habits and preferences – but also highlights that there is always the opportunity for a change in the rhythm. In the midst of all the shirts (arranged in the colors of the rainbow) there is a tie-dye shirt that embraces all the colors.


Ringling College of Art + Design