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2012 Gallery

Be Brave. Leave Your Mark

by: Liz Gibson , Tallahassee, Florida

I'm done hiding in the shadows; I want to SHINE as brightly as I can.

quote by: Chrissy Riling, Millersville, Maryland

Artist Statement

Deformity, adversity and empowerment – these are the themes of my work. Having been born with seven fingers total (five on my left hand, two on my right) and as an artist, I have chosen to take this unique personal experience and transform it into a shared experience with my audiences. I have created four distinct characters that represent different developmental stages a person born with a physical defect goes through. The transformation is marked in terms of both social perception and self-perspective. It is most important to me that the work I make is both visually intriguing as well as socially compelling. I combine video, art performance, and installation to engulf the viewer in this experience. I want my art to be engaging, heartfelt and, ultimately, socially positive for an audience composed of all ages, races, sexual orientations and social-economical classes. Birth defects occur in all groups of people and the adversity of the disabled can truly touch us all, especially when the adversity is overcome and the deformed become the empowered.

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