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2012 Gallery


by: Jardley Jean-Louis, Queens Village, New York

Look in the mirror to see the person responsible for bringing peace and progress to the world.

quote by: B. Keith Vipperman, Tallahassee, Florida

Artist Statement

I used myself as a reference for the person on the right and the idea of using parts of faces to make a whole being on the left. I wanted to portray pieces of a person being loved, regardless of ethnicity – an act I want to see more of in the world and within myself. There have been times in my own life when I’ve let fear creep in and play a factor in how someone cared for me. My artwork delves into how we all limit the love we give or receive based on our imposed beliefs and finding our way to the other side. I am both the person being kissed and giving the kiss – an idea that one can and will be loved for just being… just because.


Meet the Artist


John & Robin Sullivan
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