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2012 Gallery

First Cousins

by: Ophelia M. Chambliss, York, Pennsylvania

We STRIVE for perfection, but who sets the standards?

quote by: Jack E. , 7th Grade, Goldie Feldman Academy - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Aaron Goldberg

Artist Statement

In 1980, I, a black woman, married a white man and in the process of embracing our differences, even through much adversity, we had two children. Throughout their lives, our son and daughter (now adults) had no dating preferences. My son’s wife is white and my daughter is engaged to a black man. While my son and his wife now have a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes (much like her grandfather), I can imagine my daughter someday having a little girl that might take on characteristics that look more like me. No matter what my grandchildren look like, they will be equally loved and their mixed heritages will be supported. As first cousins, I will want them to continue to love and embrace each other’s differences. I painted my girls with different complexions but identical features. While I fashioned their hair to be culturally specific, each wears an identical necklace that represents a gift from their grandmother.

Meet the Artist


Bea Friedman
Irving & Marilyn Naiditch Family Foundation