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2012 Gallery


Honorable Mention

by: Rose K., 8th Grade, Pine View School - Osprey, Florida
teacher: Mark Goebel

Artist Statement

In my short years of existence, I often take “philosophy time” to reflect on the actions of society. I had such a moment after our instructor gave us an essay to read about bullying. The author stated a theory that labels are the main source of bullying. These labels can tear friendships apart and cause discrimination. This theory struck a chord with me and inspired my artwork. I wanted to create a person that had no gender or race since bullying effects us all. I wanted it to be relevant. I decided to literally make the figure out of labels to illustrate that all of us are subject to being labeled at some point in our lives and can be made to feel different. I hope that people will see my artwork and realize that they are not alone, and that it will get better.



Ringling College of Art + Design