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2012 Gallery

Life's Library

Best in Show Adult

by: Andrea Rankin, Sarasota County Technical Institute - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: April J. Irwin

Stop judging... Notice skin color, hear accents, ACKNOWLEDGE the differences; THEN, ask questions and be open to learning about others!

quote by: Gloria Tracy, Bradenton, Florida

Artist Statement

My artwork is intended to be thought provoking, funny, conversation starter and igniter for soul-searching. Life’s library is filled with stories about individuals and their unique qualities. I want to show young people that even though with a book or two, there are plenty of other stories out there that are just as “different” as they are, and that it will all be okay. This artwork represents the way I live my life with my own family and our 18 year old daughter, and the way I wish people who struggle with acceptance would live theirs.

Meet the Artist


Betty Schoenbaum