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2012 Gallery

Transforming Enemies to Friends

Honorable Mention

by: Justen Paul Tolentino, University of Santo Tomas, College of Architecture - Valenzuela City, Philippines

Artist Statement

Humans, like animals, have differences. I believe that step-by-step we can achieve the goal of embracing our differences. It may not be an overnight transformation, but if we keep in mind what it takes to be united, we can come together and be happy. 

Lesson Plan Connection

Greek Mythology (1 Class Period)
Textbook Connection: Springboard & Collections 7th Grade
Standards: LAFS RL.1.2, LAFS RL.2.5, LAFS W.1.3, LAFS W.2.4, LAFS SL 1.1, LAFS SL 1.2, LAFS L 1.1, LAFS L 1.2
This Greek Mythology lesson uses the story of Arachne to bring together the lessons learned from ancient myths with artwork from today. The lesson can also be implemented with any Greek Myth.
Lesson Plan  |  Flipchart  |  PowerPoint


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