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2012 Gallery


by: Adam P. & Emily Q., 9th grade, Northport High School - North Port, Florida
teacher: Marilyn Caruso

Perhaps more people need to logon to BEFORE they Twitter their thoughtless words each day.

quote by: Fran H. Squires , Venice, Florida

Artist Statement

At one time in every person’s life, he or she has been made fun of, picked on or abused. Whether it’s because one is the new kid in school, or for believing in a different religion, or countless other reasons, it has happened to every single one of us. While the saying goes, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” that does not apply to everyone. Words DO hurt. Cyber-bullying hurts as much as it does in person. Always remember that what you say could mark a person’s life forever.


Michael Shelton & Jeremy Lisitza