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2012 Gallery


Best in Show Student

by: Alina C., 10th Grade, Alexandru Ioan Cuza National College - Galati, Romania
teacher: Silvia Rapiteanu

A world without INDIVIDUALITY is a world without color.

quote by: George L., 12th Grade, New College Stamford Stamford - Lincolnshire, England
teacher: Yvonne Davison-Clissit

Artist Statement

My love for fashion influenced the creation of my artwork as a “closet in one’s mind” which, unfortunately, exists in many of us who seek acceptance and understanding. We try to hide who we really are, keeping our differences in “boxes.” But why - why do we do hide when being one’s self is the most beautiful thing? Everyone is different like trees or snowflakes. To me different means special and we should all find the key to open that special, colorful box inside each of us. Being yourself and understanding yourself is the first and most important step to accepting other people’s differences. I feel sorry for those who live in a black and white universe and see only with their eyes. When people begin to look with their hearts and minds, the world will finally be the place we can call “Home” – with colors bursting, people smiling and embracing one another.


Larry & Laura Herrig and Eldon & Marge Herrig Family Foundation Fund