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2013 Gallery

Burning Diversity

by: Witchler G., 12th Grade, Lakewood Ranch High School - Bradenton, Florida
Teacher: Kari Reddish

Just because nobody is following you, doesn't mean you're not LEADING.

quote by: Niky R., 7th Grade, Johnson Middle School - Bradenton, Florida
Teacher: Mary O'Brien

Artist Statement

I feel that there is a lot of confusion between faith and diversity. I believe that if there is a supreme being who does not have a single ounce of hate for his creations, then there shouldn’t be hate flowing comfortably through our world. I also believe that the writings in the Bible do not exclude a certain skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. If those are truly G_d’s words, it doesn’t matter what we look like, or what we feel. We should all have a chance to become righteous, or fall from it.


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