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2013 Gallery

Card Games

by: Terri Adams, Osprey, Florida

When you exclude someone, you exclude an OPPORTUNITY.

quote by: Noah F., 5th Grade, Palma Sola Elementary School - Bradenton, Florida
Teacher: Erika Vitiena

Artist Statement

The piece entitled CARD GAMES is my interpretation of the saying “Life has dealt me a bad hand.”

I used a few of the discriminatory terms listed in the Civil Rights Act as the deck titles in the“Prejudice” game of Life Playing Cards. I also put a bare Tree of Life on all of the decks symbolizing the emptiness or lack of worth that some people feel after being rejected, bullied and/or hurt.

I then DISCONTINUED that game in favor of the New and Improved “United Justice” game of Life Playing Cards. This game only needs ONE deck because it includes EVERYBODY. I added six colored flowers onto the Tree of Life representing each Prejudice deck on the left. Unfortunately, as we all know, there are MANY more than just the six prejudices I mentioned.

I believe that everybody has experienced some kind of prejudice at one time or another; myself included. Defamatory words and/or actions towards others can impact them for the rest of their lives. The disrespected party may seem to be the only one affected, but sometimes their pain and hurt is misdirected at others thereby repeating the cycle.

Since there’s no way to know what every single person has been through or is currently going through, why not treat them ALL with kindness and respect? We are all meant to participate in this life together and should act accordingly. Be compassionate and CHOOSE to have a positive impact in this world. It only takes one person to start a chain reaction in making a difference!


Bea Friedman
Irving & Marilyn Naiditch Family Foundation