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2013 Gallery

Colorless World

by: Emma W., 11th Grade, St. Clair TEC - St. Clair, Michigan
Teacher: Keely Baribeau

The true color of people is not the shade of their skin but the tint of their PERSONALITIES.

quote by: Michael C., 6th Grade, Booker Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Joanna Fox

Artist Statement

The message of my artwork is very simple . . . it acts as a warning. So often today it seems that people are forgetting their true identity. They fall into what everyone else is doing and they lie to themselves and those around them. Embracing our differences and staying true to oneself can be one of the hardest lessons to learn; however, it is also the most important. After all, the world would be so dull if everyone looked and acted the same way. God made us different for a reason. The world wasn’t meant to be colorless.


Dennis & Graci McGillicuddy
Ann & Norbert Donelly / TERVIS