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2013 Gallery

Cut From the Same Cloth

by: Lela T., 12th Grade, Pine View School - Osprey, Florida
Teacher: Retsy Lauer

Seek to ACCEPT, not except.

quote by: Joanna Fox, Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

When contemplating the Embracing Our Differences project, I decided to make a fabric collage because collages show how numerous, small and individual pieces can come together beautifully. Additionally, quilting is a tradition shared by many different cultures, and was often a form of social gathering that brought people together. The expression, “cut from the same cloth,” typically refers to two people who are very similar, but our physical differences often cloud the things we have in common. The face in this collage shows unity between the similarities and dissimilarities. However, I made the similarities the focus of the piece because it is not our similarities that make us remarkable; it is our differences. I intended the title to relay the message that we are all inherently equal, and the collage to show that our differences make the world interesting.


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