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2013 Gallery


Honorable Mention

by: Michael Vincent Manalo, Manila, Philippines

Artist Statement

I had a discussion once with a friend from Poland and the topic was being “normal.” As artists, we talked about people who had the typical way of life, like getting a job, having much money, finding a life partner, buying a house and saving tons of money to buy material things and just sticking to what’s contemporary; what is being fed by the media, or even what the world of consumerism and commercialism wants us to be doing.

I remember saying that as artists, we have different views on life, we tend to be more dramatic, emotional, and we see beauty in many ideas and forms; compared to people who tend to see life as stated by the norm, yet somehow and at some point we are also living in the norm. We are different from everyone yet we are also the same.

I believe that there really isn’t a person who is “normal,” everyone has their own distinct differences from one another - even a thin line of difference from the personality makes everyone unique from one another.