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2013 Gallery

Different Beauty

by: Demond J., 11th Grade, Port Huron High School - Port Huron, Michigan
Teacher: Scott Magneson

I would not have lived, loved, or LAUGHED nearly as much...had I not embraced those who differ from me.

quote by: D.R. Sult, South Bend, Indiana

Artist Statement

This particular piece includes an African boy with his face painted with tribal colors and designs. Words like “embrace, pride, different and beautiful” are scattered throughout the background as a message to embrace one’s differences and beauty. I chose this particular character because he is a great representation of something we don’t see every day; different, yet beautiful because of the differences in each one of us.


Leila & Steven M. Gompertz, Donor Advised Fund in Memory of Michael Gompertz at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Inc.