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2013 Gallery


by: Lisa Wee Eng Cheng, Nairobi, Kenya

DON'T JUDGE the font; judge what is written!

quote by: Claudia Y., 4th Grade, Florine J. Abel Elementary School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Ivory Graham

Artist Statement

I am a Chinese girl from Malaysia living in Kenya since 2005. When I first moved to Kenya, most people had never seen a Chinese person. They would stare and point. It made me learn that in order to embrace differences, I have to be the first to make friends. The word “hello” is simple, yet powerful. It is the first step of welcoming. I thought to bring together different languages from the word “hello.” I chose to change the colors of races in order for the audience to enjoy a new perspective. Hence the title of the work: “Hello.” It sounds different but the meaning is the same: hello. Be the first to embrace differences.

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