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2013 Gallery

It's All Up to You Now

Best in Show People's

by: Wade T., 10th Grade, Booker High School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Jeffery Cornwell

Don't measure life on how long you live, but on how much you did to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

quote by: Kayla C., 10th Grade, North Port High School - North Port, Florida
teacher: Daphne English-Bazenas

Artist Statement

Nothing lasts forever. Some things last longer than others. Even in our complex society today, some things may need assistance to continue. Generation after generation our world has grown. Whether it is the growth of prosperity or misfortune for humanity and our world, human kind does have the ability to learn and progress. Like a master and his apprentice, the master will teach everything of his profession. Everything the master has learned for himself or from “his” own master, will now be bestowed to the child so he can grow, learn and present to the next generation of the world.


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