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2013 Gallery

See Me He She We

by: Jeff Whipple, Jacksonville, Florida

If you're only judging by what you see, you're missing all the BEST PARTS.

quote by: Brandy Marie Hamilton, Yorktown, Virginia

Artist Statement

“See Me He She We” is about how people need to see each other without putting their own fears, desires or prejudices in the way. The two people are using their pointed fingers to keep each other from seeing who they really are. It shows as though they only want to see what they believe, rather than what it is really there. This image began as an oil painting and I created it by posing with my friend, Natasha. She is fiery and sociable and I am mild and reserved. We have few things in common, but we definitely SEE and appreciate our differences.

Meet the Artist


Annette J. Hagens Memorial Foundation
David & Lois Stulberg Foundation