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2014 Gallery

Bridging the Gap

People’s Choice Award

by: Tobias Norton, Sarasota, Florida

The BRIDGE between people is rickety and dilapidated, but luckily, it is under construction.

quote by: Ally W., 7th Grade, Sarasota Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Moya Hanaway & Doug Abel

Artist Statement

Oftentimes I find the concept of having differences as paradoxical. I believe that even with all of our obvious external differences, underneath it all we are the same. Friendship can transcend race, ethnicity, orientation, age, gender and even species. In Bridging the Gap I sought to illustrate the idea that sometimes our differences work in our favor if we can recognize them as strengths. If we are open to them they can no longer be used as a means to separate us, but rather they become something to embrace.

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