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2014 Gallery

How Does a Colorblind Person See the World?

Honorable Mention

by: Tiago Carreira Mateus, Leiria, Portugal

One who has studied a lot, but is unkind, has learned nothing.

quote by: Owen E., 5th Grade, Fruitville Elementary School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Ruth Cain

Artist Statement

Everyone has the right to interpret the color the same way. I'm a graphic designer and I work as a freelancer. I worked in a Special Education Center, where I had the opportunity to teach disabled people. That work made me wake up to the importance of Inclusive Design and how you can improve the quality of life of these people. 

So, I chose colorblind as the theme for my artwork. With the support of ColorAdd, I did my project for everyone to understand how colorblind people see and to realize that there is a universal code making them independent. 

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